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Are you a sports enthusiast whose superb performance in your favorite sporting activity was dwindled by a chronic and troubling sports injury? You can return stronger and pain-free to your frequent sport by contacting our chiropractor. Please don't hesitate to contact our sports injury chiropractor at Lally Chiropractic Clinic serving the region of Yakima, WA, and the surrounding community for corrective sports injury treatment. Our chiropractic care team is dedicated to restoring your athletic performance after providing pain relief to your troubling sports injury. 


Sports Injuries

Indulging in athletics is a crucial part of a healthy, active lifestyle. Particularly sports can be pivotal for heart health, respiration endurance, and muscular strength maintenance. Regrettably, moves like falling, tripping, and making sudden contact with the ground or other participants culminate in sports injuries. Children are at high risk of sustaining sports injuries, but adults can also have them too. Engagement in contact sports like rugby exacerbates the likelihood of sustaining a sports injury compared to other forms of sports.

Causes of sports injury include:

  • Overuse results in injuries like arm and elbow injuries, knee injuries, and foot and ankle injuries
  • Hyperextension due to overstretching of muscles and ligaments
  • Inadequate warm-up

Participating in various gaming activities offers a plethora of benefits. Nonetheless, a sports injury can strike at any given time. Different sports injuries exhibit varying symptoms and complications. The most common sports injuries include:

Sprains: Overstretching or torn ligaments can culminate in strain.

Strains: Overstretching or ruptured tendons (fibrous cords) and muscles can trigger strains.

Knee injuries: Sports injuries can disrupt knee joint movement. This interference can cause overstretching or rupturing in the muscles or prevailing tissues in the knee.

Swollen muscles: Inflammation is a natural reaction to an injury. Inflamed muscles may be weak and painful.

Achilles tendon rupture: The Achilles is a thin, strong tendon at the rear end of the ankle. During any sporting activity, a tendon may rupture or tear. After rupturing, you may experience sharp severe pain and limited range of movement.

Dislocations: Sports injuries can propagate bone dislocation to your body, forcing it out from its socket. This painful injury is characterized by swelling and feeling weak.

Rotator cuff injury: The rotator cuff is comprised of four main muscles which work together. The rotator cuff facilitates the movement of your shoulders in all directions. The rupturing of any given muscle can trigger pain.

Luckily, the above-stipulated sports injuries are treated through the use of chiropractic care employing non-invasive natural methods.

How Does a Chiropractor Treat Sports Injuries?

A chiropractor commences your sports injury treatment by taking your medical history and performing a structural examination of your posture, spine, and balance. They will also assess your tendons, ligaments, and back to ascertain the extent of your injuries. These chiropractic techniques include:

Chiropractic Adjustments: Readjust vertebrae and relieve pain from a sports injury.

Spinal Decompression: Intensifies mobility and relieves ruptured discs, and amplifies range of motion

Massage Therapy: Relieves stiff muscles and enhances blood flow for fast pain relief

Let Our Yakima, WA, Chiropractor Provide Pain Relief to Your Troubling Sports Injury!

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